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We have helped individuals, companies and organizations create innovative places. From top-performing, state-of-the-art facilities to corporate offices, Vivitsu has the capabilities to design & execute the entire range of work streams including carpentry, furniture, furnishing, civil, electrical, data & voice, HVAC, fire & security, plumbing and other services. We provide the advantage to the client for a single point responsibility for their wishes. We believe in complete approach for project designing, which not only looks noble but also satisfies the client’s objectives in reality without foregoing environmental and digital experiences that enhance people’s lives.


Our clients select us to make a positive impact on their business with collaborative design and a deep commitment to their success. The best attributes of a large and small firm merge at VIVITSU DESIGN, where specialized studios within the larger practice ensure personalized service from experienced staff. This allows us to integrate architecture, interiors, planning, and landscape.

The result: beautiful design driven by powerful ideas, and solutions that connect high performance to place making.

Architecture should speak of its time & place, but yearn for timelessness...


We believe that form follows human need. Our design approach differs from other firms in that we measure the performance of people, not space: our emphasis is on creativity, productivity, comfort, learning, collaboration and privacy, flexibility, health, and sustainability.

Vivitsu Design specializes in incorporating innovative products and concepts that are simply stunning. We come up with unique ideas for interior spaces of our clients & use various disciplines & elements of interior design by focusing on practical application and implications of our concepts.


Our goal is to build environments that balance health, culture, life, and work. Interiors are constantly changing, and we recognize that effective design depends on innovative and fresh ideas. Through intelligent planning and creative problem-solving, we design spaces for both beauty and performance.

We can execute interior fit out projects of all range and sizes. We are involved in providing end to end interior solutions for some of the leading companies

"Making the best possible use of the available spaces "


We approach landscape design as an opportunity to make connections: between people, between people and nature, between indoors and outdoors, between old and new. It’s an opportunity to connect landscape with performance, to create beautiful places that protect the environment while making development useful.


Through landscape, we emphasize community-building, sustainable design, rigorous collaboration, and design excellence. This process leads to creative, meaningful landscapes that benefit both our clients and the public at large.

"Connecting people with nature,
connecting nature with performance"


Vivitsu Design has experience in completing projects ranging from Architecture, Restoration, and Conservation of historical properties. We have practical experience in managing different projects ranging from interiors to complex historical buildings which involve extensive engineering services and construction. These skills combine together which gives us the capability to execute multifaceted projects.

" Management is a practice where

Art, Science & Craft meet "

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