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Kushagra Kothari

Principal Archtect

As a principal architect in Vivitsu Design, Kushagra Kothari is a design leader for projects across many sectors including residential houses, residential flats, apartments, restaurants, boutiques, commercial stores, weekend houses, factories and office buildings. He has recently designed projects for clients Like Shreeram Collides, Freshiza Foods, Chartered Speed Limited and other eminent groups across India.

With 12 years of professional experience, Kushagra seeks out appropriate and innovative solutions that are a true reflection of their unique characteristics. His designs emphasize the use and detailing of materials, building systems and technologies that optimize quality within established budgets. Both clients and colleagues prize his collaborative approach and ability to produce well-crafted and thoughtful visual tools that enable informed and intelligent decisions.


His inspirational leadership and pursuit of excellence, starting with the earliest concept through the finest detail, consistently produces award-winning work that helps his clients realize their enterprise goals. He has lived and worked in various locations since 2008, following his Bachelor of Architecture from Aayojan School of Architecture and Professional Certificate course on Urban Planning,CEPT University. 


Work Experience


  • Two Year as an Executive – Design & Development at Emaar MGF Land Ltd., New Delhi.

  • Three Year as an Project Coordinator at Xebec Design & Facilities Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi


Scholastic Awards and Achievements


· 94.3 FM Excellence award in Architecture & Interior Design, Jodhpur, 2017 - 2018

· Jhonson Tiles first prize and award for best tile design, India, 2007

· Jhonson Tiles second prize and award for best bathroom concept, India 2007

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